26th street fleamarket

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    I think ward took this... I love this. I miss this.

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    1. JesC 103 months ago | reply

      It is a wonderful fleamarket! I stop in fairly often-

    2. lisa s | dressform 103 months ago | reply

      i love how the stuff just blends in with the graffiti...

    3. SlimWhitman 103 months ago | reply

      Way cool ... where was this? It looks like a cool place!

    4. wardomatic 103 months ago | reply

      New York, baby! I miss this place, too. There were some great junk finds there.

    5. girlhula 103 months ago | reply

      thanks, all!

      JesC- is this market still around? I heard that it has been moved... somewhere uptown...? or is this just crazy talk? I know the 'garage' is still there but I would be so sad if the open lots are gone!

    6. JesC 103 months ago | reply

      You're right! It did move, the garage is still there but it's just not the same. Parking lots are being sold right and left, everything is being built up-

      It moved up town to Hell's Kitchen, I can't remember the exact adress off the top of my head. I've heard mixed things, more space being the upside. But 26th Street was such a landmark!

      Did you live in NYC? Or visit?

    7. girlhula 103 months ago | reply

      I've come close to living in nyc. I visit a lot... my brother lives there... lots of friends, too. I get up there as much as I can. love it.

      I'll miss the market on 26th street but will be interested in experiencing at a new location... you're right, though-- such a landmark! great memories of that place. may be in nyc sometime in december (or the spring)... I'm hoping!

    8. goldiestereo 103 months ago | reply

      this photo mesmerizes me....i want to go there!

    9. girlhula 103 months ago | reply

      goldiestereo (you know, I love your name)-- ward took this photo, I love it so. I think you would love this place even though I have just recently discovered that it no longer exists! though many little places like this exist in that great city they call manhattan. I know you will get to go someday soon!

    10. goldiestereo 98 months ago | reply

      oh just looking at this and rembering how bad i wanted to go there and now i have been to the big apple at last! next time i go to nyc i must remember to find out from you where some little flea markets like this are. and remind me sometime to tell you where goldiestereo came from....... ;)

    11. girlhula 98 months ago | reply

      yeah, I almost put the 26th street fleamarket on the list for you but suddenly remembered it had moved... also, thought it might be too much all at once for this first trip! sadly, I don't know where it's located now. but you'll get back to nyc and we'll find it and you'll go. I just know it!

    12. Mo/Mo 91 months ago | reply

      Please join the Fleamarket Group with this picture!

    13. girlhula 91 months ago | reply

      will do, frozen elephant-- thanks for the invite!

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