Frères d’Armes” 1889, Bronze Sculpture by Eugène Marioton
“Frères d’Armes” 1889, by French sculptor Eugène Marioton (1854-1933)
Exposition universelle de 1889, Paris. Beaux-Arts.
Antique bronze. Paris foundry, unmarked.

Freres d’Armes
Tous deux combattent homme, bons Freres jurant de ne s’abandonner jamai et vivre et mourir ensemble.
Translation: Both men warriors, good brothers vowing to never surrender, and to live and die together.

Marioton sculpted 'Frères d’Armes' as a tribute to the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871. The French nationalism is represented by the ancient Gauls along with the brotherhood theme, which was somewhat daringly represented in this sculptural group. The intimacy of the two men was overcompensated by what was perhaps the most lengthy of scripts explaining any late 19th Century sculpture. As with so many sculptures, it was intended to be viewed from many different angles, for which some have very curious erotic interpretations. Note the muscular brother glaring at the distant foe. The 'injured' brother, while clutching the thigh of his brother, has soft shoulders and has his hand over a wound (or over his heart). His brother holds his head to keep him from falling. It is a superb piece, perhaps the best and most meaningful, representing the loss from war, by Marioton.


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