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LBN437, Sharpless 126 and HH 398 | by Ginge70
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LBN437, Sharpless 126 and HH 398

This greyish/brown gekko sits in the constellation of the Lizard, oddly enough. The cometary globule is called LBN 437 and is shrouded in a veil of red ionized hydrogen called Sharpless 126. Both the ionized hydrogen and the molecular cloud extends much further out of the edges of this image and the most recent estimates I could find put them at a distance of 360 ±65 pc. On the head of the gecko is strange X-shaped object called HH398. This is a Herbig-Haro object, in other words fast moving clouds of gas and dust surrounding a young star, V375 Lacertae. The star displays bipolar jets which suggest it is feeding on this accretion disk. Some HH-objects seem to change their shape over just months while others look more static to us. HH398 has been looking like an X for as long as I can find images of it while others I've imaged look different from one month to another.


Optics: Epsilon 180ed 8" f/2.8

Camera: QSI 583wsg

Mount: 10Micron

Exposure: Ha=81x600s, L=48x600s, R=19x600s, G=21x600s, B=33x600s +Darks, Flats

Total integration time: 33h 40min

Filter: Astrodon HaLRGB Gen II

Captured with The Sky X,

Processed in Pixinsight

Shot from Bjarkebu Observatory near Ytre Enebakk/Norway on several dates during autumn 2018.

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Uploaded on January 4, 2019