Emo kid at Durham Station

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Whilst waiting for the train to Newcastle, my friends and I were amused and interested by the huge crowd of emo/grungy indie teenagers waiting around looking as miserable and individual as possible. So it was decided that I would go and ask to photograph this one, in return for a drink later on from my friend Clare (she later bought me a bellini, so it was worth it). I managed to get him to let me take his photo by telling him I was doing an art project for my degree on 'fashion and rebellion since 1969', and that his look illustrated perfectly the point I was making about the rebellion of today's youth. Well, it amused me and I was pretty pleased with this photo, if only because you can barely see even one of his eyes!

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  1. wojofoto 108 months ago | reply

    great photo...love it....!!

  2. Laura Mary 108 months ago | reply

    Am really intrigued by this "EMO" business (God, I sound like my Mum!!!). I went to a club night in Bristol called, Ramshackle. EMO-Central man! It was nuts. 80% of the kids there, were clearly from BS8 (posh part of town), with very wealthy parents, and a good upbringing and excellent schooling, but they're all kinda hanging around by the bar, not dancing, not smiling, not drinking and generally looking as if life had served them up a raw deal.

    They amused me for ten minutes or so, and then after seeing one too many tutus (on boys), I headed for the mosh pit.

  3. laskoranger. [deleted] 107 months ago | reply

    He is gorgeous though. Because I am an idie kid.

    Did I just admit that?

  4. Ginger Sarah 107 months ago | reply

    Well...I do aim to please.

  5. tmod 101 months ago | reply

    Daaaaamn that's a smooth story. You must be quite the talker eh?

  6. Ginger Sarah 101 months ago | reply

    Oh it was too amusing to resist!

  7. bat tziyon 99 months ago | reply

    ok, this guy is SOO HOTT!!!
    haha nice pic.
    his hair is quite majestic.
    did you ask him if you could touch it?! i would have. hehe

  8. Kor La Lier 97 months ago | reply

    Manipulation on Body Mind & Nature would love to have your photo added to the group.

  9. »Ҝ۸Ž! 95 months ago | reply

    Its amusing to read people saying they've never seen someone like this. XD

    ...Though it may only be amusing to me because I would mosty likely be IN one of those groups mentioned.


    Nice pic btw <3

  10. ♥x♥!!!!!lBaBy EmO!!!!!!!♥x♥ [deleted] 90 months ago | reply

    holy GOD hes so Hot

  11. Poison Arms 89 months ago | reply

    this generations answer to Punk,

    what went wrong?

    i duno, some aspects are cool i guess..

  12. Blood Cat [deleted] 87 months ago | reply

    Hott! i like that

  13. Discoe 85 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Emo Pics, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  14. bayaniboulder 85 months ago | reply

    how do they even see? lol

  15. Suma_Saidso =) [deleted] 84 months ago | reply


  16. boy.microb 83 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called I Am Emo, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  17. xXx Cupcake xXx 82 months ago | reply

    how can you see it must be anoying

  18. sondcrashing 79 months ago | reply

    Hola, soy el administrador de un grupo llamado BPP(Beauty People Photography) y nos encantaría agregar esto al grupo.

    Great shot,
    i like the moment that was taked,is perfect.
    and your smile,it´s better.
    it´s your decition,
    thank you

  19. misssvanity 65 months ago | reply

    Cute [:
    Message me, yeah?
    misssvanity@yahoo [:

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