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Potarch Bridge (P6196062) | by Mel Stephens
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Potarch Bridge (P6196062)

48 photographs were used for this HDR stitched panorama - four across, four down, and each position exposure bracketed +/-1 stop. The end result was cropped quite a bit though - at the sides to get rid of some lens flare from the sun, then top and bottom because I fancied a square format. The projection has lead to severe distortion - for anyone that doesn't know the bridge... it's not actually bowed!


Shot using a neutral density filter and a circular polariser - the latter to to cut through the reflections on the water. These filters are a pain to use on wide-angle lenses, and even worse for stitched panoramas - and this was both. The problem is that the filter cuts reflected light at the angle you choose, but the angle changes according to where you're looking! So, you have to rotate the filter for each shot.


I've no idea now what value ND filter I used, but the exposure was ISO 100, f8, and 10, 5, and 20 seconds (for HDR). Actually, I broke the golden rule and did not lock the exposure for each set of three, and I even adjusted the aperture for each row, so there's a whole variety of exposures in this. But that's ok, PTGUI is pretty good at blending them together.


Earlier attempt, from the other side of the river, here:


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Taken on June 19, 2011