Atheist Headstone

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    1. upperninty 66 months ago | reply

      there would be no atheists if there was no God .....think about it

    2. Ean Bowman 66 months ago | reply

      *rolls eyes*

      I guess you all missed my point, hunh? ;D

      Danielle: I guess everyone sees things differently, hunh? I see it as a sense of humour, not a cry for help. *shrug*

      upperninty: Cyclical reasoning is fail. :C

    3. JoeZoom 66 months ago | reply

      Because there is no place to go.

    4. behindbabyblues 66 months ago | reply

      He has a place to go
      and will be in for a rude awakening.........pretty sad really

    5. The Clearing News 66 months ago | reply

      Oingo Boingo fan I guess...

    6. Claudiu Balaceanu * [deleted] 66 months ago | reply

      Sweet... yet another one to go.

      The door

    7. GINDERBELL 65 months ago | reply

      upperninty says:
      there would be no atheists if there was no God .....think about it

      Really??? Okay... if you say so...

      Thanks to everyone for all the comments on this photo - I took this at Ripley's Museum in Myrtle Beach SC, had no idea that it would become so popular!

    8. DAVE ID from MTL 61 months ago | reply

      That's hilarious :)

    9. poptal 59 months ago | reply

      This is so fucking awesome.

    10. michaelbelger [deleted] 49 months ago | reply

      lol yeah thats a great one

    11. KKallweit 44 months ago | reply

      he he he Nice. Big smile Nice

    12. Kesara Art 39 months ago | reply

      that is halarious

    13. Sleepless Aquarius 30 months ago | reply

      Amen to YakYakYak - no pun intended! I absolutely agree! I might have to copy what you said.

    14. desires_satisfied 20 months ago | reply

      I don't want to hear a bunch of scientific crap "theories" from atheists (who will surely pray to GOD when they are sucking in their last dying breaths)...just let them explain to us how the hell we evolved out of absolutely "NOTHING"...! ...Well first there was the big bang and then little micro-organisms started to grow and millions of years later the amazingly human body with all of its life sustaining intricacies evolved to perfection along with animal, plant and insect life... and the planets amazingly formed and aligned to sustain life on earth.....LOL! Really, where did the big enormous mass for the big bang come from in the first place?! Yes I understand that there are scientific facts that support some of the theories, but where is the proven fact that it wasn't all by design from a higher power to begin with?!

    15. Sleepless Aquarius 20 months ago | reply

      Sorry friend but when I die I die. I dont think I would bother praying to air on my last breath.

    16. desires_satisfied 20 months ago | reply

      I'm not going to waste my precious time debating a bunch of atheists on flickr but food for thought my friend...If this is the "only" life/time you have here on planet earth then why waste even a moment replying to me?! You gain absolutely nothing!

    17. NateHail92 18 months ago | reply

      Ok... No one has heard of "Dead Man's Party" - Oingo Boingo?
      That's where the line is from.

      Please people, widen your musical knowledge.

    18. Pick TV 2 months ago | reply

      Atheism = NOTHING created Everything, for NO REASON.
      Makes perfect sense .... NOT!

      ..If people would only think for themselves - there would be no atheists.
      Atheism is anti-logic ......

      Atheism is the rejection of one of the only 2 origins options.
      The only two options are:
      1. An uncaused, supernatural first cause.
      2. An uncaused, natural first cause.
      Atheists categorically reject option one, therefore they believe in option two - by default.
      Option two (an uncaused, natural first cause) is impossible according to logic, natural laws and the scientific method.

      Every natural event/effect/entity has to have an adequate cause.
      All material/natural entities/events are contingent, they rely on preceding causes.
      A natural first cause, cannot be a very FIRST cause because something (which didn't need a cause) must have caused it.
      A natural first cause also cannot be the very first cause of the universe because it is woefully inadequate for the effect. An effect cannot be greater than its cause.
      So atheism is a set of beliefs which violate the scientific method, ignores logic and defies natural laws.

      Atheism is a religion because it credits matter/energy with similar creative powers and attributes as those applied to a creator God, which is really just a more sophisticated version of pagan naturalism, which imbued natural entities such as Mother Nature, The Sun or Moon god etc. with creative and magical powers.

      Evolution is on the rocks - some recent evidence: 7635944904973/

      Fossil museum: 7641367196613/

    19. FOXORION 2 weeks ago | reply

      Wake up call. No one is going anywhere but the ground when they die.

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