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7/52: There's No Reason to Ask Me; You Know What's Inside | by ginaballerina.
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7/52: There's No Reason to Ask Me; You Know What's Inside

Tagged by Amanda Mabel ♥


Five thoughts I've had today

1. Where did all this rain come from?!

2. I've never seen two rainbows in one day EVER!

3. I wish the chemistry regents would go away!

4. I'm getting good at internet backgammon.

5. I'm tired.


Five things that make me happy +2 more

1. Reading a good, long book without stopping/buying new books and that excited feeling you get because you can't wait to read them :)

2. Going out and getting caught in the rain

3. Laughing so hard that you forget what was so funny in the first place

4. Running in the woods with the team, getting lost, and having to climb our way out :)

5. Seeing little animals playing in puddles on the way to school

6. Sliding down school hallways with friends when they're empty and it's late!

7. Getting big hugs :)


Five things that make me sad

1. When people change and forget about you

2. When people I care about are really sad

3. Thinking about memories that don't happen anymore

4. Seeing a baby bird fall out of its nest

5. Being lonely


Ten things I want to say

(I'll finish this later:))


Five things I need to stop doing

1. Procrastinating

2. Caring too much about what others think of me

3. Being shy

4. Feeling awkward at certain times, lol

5. Again, procrastinating


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Taken on June 13, 2011