Mining The Possibilities
Monoprints and Monoprint Collages created at George Mason University and Lily Press, with Master Printmaker, Susan Goldman.

Mining the Possibilities represents an exploration into the attributes and limitations of composition using the medium of printmaking. Retaining the elements of color, line and texture from previous painting, digital and installation works, I enter this experience in the spirit of discovery and openness to building an intimate relationship between the ink, the paper, and myself. As the possibilities reveal themselves my ability to intuit and respond in the moment has increased. Through this experience I have developed a love for the medium and desire to build upon each experience discovering new methodology and drawing on prior knowledge from previous series that have been most exciting. I attempt to bring my sense of color, form and space developed through my earlier work into printmaking and to glean new information on building and layering image and composition from printmaking which may translate back into the other media in which I work.
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