The Next Sunrise, Mural at Howard University Hospital
The Howard University Hospital is an environment of healing, caring and nurturing. It is also an environment of high stress and trauma. Patients and hospital personnel alike will be using this newly renovated dining facility as a location of pause and refreshment from the usual activities of a day at the hospital.

The proposed image, The Next Sunrise, is an acrylic painting on plywood, with paper accents. The image is a lotus flower encapsulated within the sunrise, representative of the simultaneous seeding and blossoming that is characteristic of this flower. Each day’s sunrise is just that, the planting of new seeds and the blossoming of yesterday’s seeds. to the left of the sunrise is a woman also blowing from her hand particles representative of the positive energy which, along with the energy of the sun, will nourish and nurture our dreams and endeavors of today and tomorrow. also flowing in the same directions are origami cranes made from folded lace paper. In the Chinese tradition cranes are symbolic of “longevity and unrivaled faithfulness.” Recognizing the effects of color on the human psyche and emotional state, a bright yet soothing color scheme is used to create this image. All of these symbols harmonize into a composition, which speaks to the proactive nature of good health, as well as the level of caring and service, which the hospital seeks to provide.

This mural was designed and created by Gina Marie Lewis, with the assistance of Kimberly N. King, Abiola Y. Adams and the Public Art class of Fall 2004, with special thanks to professor James H. Phillips for inspiration, guidance and assistance in the completion of this project.
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