The Assassin Seas. Pt 1

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I love shooting, and especially editing, darker images, and Sarah was such a perfect model. The hands here belong to Chelsea, and she will feature more prominently in Pt 2 :)
I de-creepied this A LOT. (Yeah, that's a word...)
I tried out loads of different compositions and levels of horror-ness (also a word) and at one point it was so creepy my boyfriend refused to look at it for fear of nightmares. That's Luls.
I think this may be the first conceptual piece of mine to come from the meetup.
I have so many photos on the go right now, and I'm finding it hard to prioritise editing and posting them.
I suggest you cancel all plans you have for today and look at all the photos from the Midwest meetup in this GROUP. I mean, what's more important than a bunch of conceptual artists taking pics of eachother and posting them on the internet? Pfftt...nothing...Amiright?
Also, this photo contains hidden Luls for anyone at the Meetup.

Heeeere's my Facebook, where you can see the BEFORE AND AFTER and you can ask me questions such as "How'd you do that?" and "Can I see photos of your feet?" O_O
I can't guarantee I'll answer them all...

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  1. joshuamalik 31 months ago | reply

    So amazing. Oh my gosh. This is so creepy it gave me chills the first time I saw it... Especially the darn horse haha...

  2. Ella Ruth 31 months ago | reply

    This is gorgeous!

  3. Aura Lion 31 months ago | reply

    Woah, so good!

  4. lar stro 31 months ago | reply

    This don't fit my favorites.... but theres no way. I can pass this sucker up...

  5. ~~MaRyanne~*..~ 31 months ago | reply

    sort of spooky!!!

  6. NOCHI SARDEA 30 months ago | reply

    the hands.the hands!

  7. Helen Ogbourn 30 months ago | reply

    Wow this is an amazing shot...I love your photos, so creative :)

  8. Liat Aharoni 30 months ago | reply

    The hands are amazing!

  9. PtoIemy 30 months ago | reply

    this is awesome!! :D and i love the word de creepied! lol

  10. Fresh Light 30 months ago | reply

    paradise shot...

  11. kawasakier6n 19 months ago | reply

    Mother water!
    Cool Contribution to Independentphotos"

  12. ivannave 19 months ago | reply

    your excellent work is welcome in Poem by images : )
    you too : )

  13. Eva Lacroix 19 months ago | reply

    very nice :D great idea

  14. vogelsbergkenneth 7 months ago | reply

    well done! that can def cause a nightmare!

  15. David Prades-Photo 5 months ago | reply

    Grandiosa imagen !! :)

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