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Day 352 - CakeFace

I felt like giving myself a sugary face mask... It's a great way to gain spots and put pore-cleansing products to the test. REALLY, I'm doing everyone a favour.. BE GRATEFUL!


It took a LOT of effort to blow out that candle!

(See the outakes in my "Outake" album on Facebook) :P


Just to clarify for anyone who is on my personal Facebook and knows that it may or may not be my birthday today, this was not taken on my birthday, nor was the cake for my birthday. It was actually the remains of my Bro-in-Law's Floor-Cake... That is, cake that fell on the floor right after we sung "Happy Birthday". Brilliant timing I must say.

The good news is that the floor managed to put all the candles out in one go and so its wish was granted! (It just wanted to be cleaned apparently...)




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Taken on November 7, 2011