1977 Worlds at Kiel
After we left Medemblik, Netherlands. Mike Beggs drove his wonderful LPG powered estate wagon north to Kiel, Germany towing his Slick Chick and my new US-77.

I first launched USA-4 on 1 January, 1972. I raced the boat for a year or two, recognized its limitations, built a new Contender USA-156 and sailed it through 1976.

Bill Roberts had traveled to Europe a few years earlier and committed the US to hosting the Worlds in 1976. But then he became estranged from the class and sold his boat to Paul Wells (18 years old) from Houston, Texas.

I had become president of the US Contender Association and suddenly recognized that I was responsible for putting on the Worlds in 1976. My wife Gail and Jim Anderson and I combined forces with superb support from the Palo Alto Yacht Club put on the 1976 Worlds.

But we really wanted to know how we did so I resolved to sail the 1977 Worlds at Kiel, Germany. In those days, the Europeans preceded the Worlds so I sailed both. Each regatta consisted of 1 very long race per day. The weather leg was 2 nautical miles and the course was start at the bottom mark, triangle, sausage, triangle and then finish at the top mark. I wonder if I remember accurately. 2 miles? Maybe, maybe not. About 2 1/2 hours long race.

Each day after racing I hand wrote my own account of how the race had gone from my own viewpoint. When I returned home, I typed up these notes and published them in the American Flatout newsletter. I am republishing them in 2017 for the edification and entertainment of current Contender sailors.
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