Love, LA style

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    I went to the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA, and this is what I took a picture of.

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    1. drl. 86 months ago | reply

      next you need to document the restrooms.

    2. sebastian's belle 86 months ago | reply

      love it. brilliant eye!

    3. dr ama 82 months ago | reply

      Not detached enough, the grime & reflection anchor this

      [discovered in the DeleteMe! In total : 4,179 wrongy's photophlow room] (?)

    4. Sushanta - paper, scissors, void 82 months ago | reply

      I tend to like images which remind me of droids.
      I like it but I don't want to save it, not now anyway. Maybe it isn't clean enough or dirty enough.

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    5. gdiazdeleon 82 months ago | reply

      The gratuitous references are worst than the building itself.

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    6. vrai the dotty prof. 82 months ago | reply

      this pails in comparison to your other photos.

    7. willemmas 82 months ago | reply


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    8. JJParé 82 months ago | reply

      well, it's got to be the only pictures of garbage cans added to that Disney Concert Hall group, so it's got that going for it i guess...

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    9. lee.starnes 82 months ago | reply

      my god.

    10. Gienna Writes 82 months ago | reply

      Wow--you guys have on your cranky pants today!

    11. dr ama 82 months ago | reply

      I did not know that these were garbage cans btw

    12. seth.l 82 months ago | reply

      drama's right about the reflection

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    13. Gienna Writes 82 months ago | reply

      Or just garbage, apparently.

    14. SF Lights [deleted] 82 months ago | reply

      I think this is unique. Just like every other photo that is unique.


    15. bhisham 82 months ago | reply


      voted as "deleteme" (from the DeleteMe! group)

    16. Gienna Writes 82 months ago | reply

      @SF--I'm pretty sure you hit the wrong button.

      @vrai: I can't believe you trashed this. (One bad pun deserves another.)

      Next time I'll bring a broom and a mop and some Windex. Or some dirt to spread around.

      Or some ungratuitous references. I honestly never knew my references were gratuitous. So, see, I did learn something after all.


    17. Lumberg the MIA Llama 82 months ago | reply

      I must disagree with bhisham's assessment.

    18. Gienna Writes 82 months ago | reply

      Lumberg, can we agree to disagree w/ all of his assessments?


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