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Truelove (about 1.3 metres x 2.9 metres) is painted on doubly primed canvas in acrylic. The underlying scaffolding geometry is a double golden rectangle between upper and lower border strips as in Pablo Picasso's "Guernica" and which is superimposed upon a Mediaeval Muslim Tile Art pattern (as, for example from the Alhambra, Spain). The painting is about universality and the sacred and as well as profane aspects of women (without the profane aspects children would only be conceived by IVF).


For details and discussion of "Truelove" see Gideon Polya, “Woman & Truelove. Sacred & Profane”: . For related paintings by Gideon Polya see "Art for Peace,Planet, Mother & Child": .


A Loved One from the "Whatever Generation" disparaged this as "16 naked chicks". I responded with "Four Seasons": and "One Day Pathétique": (both having about 80 naked female forms) and then "Scheherazade": (which has stylized forms representing the 3,000 princesses murdered by the cruel Sultan, plus Scheherazade herself i.e. "3001 naked chicks").


“Truelove” (or Paris quadrifiolia) is a European 4-petalled flower which in Medieval times had both a Sacred and Profane symbolism: sacred (for the Cross and for the Father, Son, Holy Ghost and Virgin Mary) and Profane (poisonous aphrodisiac, luck in love, and good luck from “4”). Thus in the raunchy “Miller’s Tale” of Chaucer’s Medieval “Canterbury Tales” , the love-struck clerk Absolon advances his “noble, knightly love” to the carpenter John’s adulterous wife Alisoun (naughty with student Nicholas) with love-promoting Truelove under his tongue (“Under his tonge a trewe-love he beer”). Perhaps the 4-leafed aquatic fern Marsilia quadrifolia (water clover) had related significance for the Ancient Egyptians. Trueloves are amply scattered throughout my painting.


“Truelove” as an implicitly Monogamous title could also be considered somewhat disingenuous given that the painting portrays an international variety of naked women (and hence abruptly described as “16 naked chicks” by a mid-twenties, feminist, cosmopolitan, professional Loved One female critic – however many of my other women friends love the colours and forms).


The four petalled "Truelove" (or Golden Flowers) images appear magically when 2 identical squares, each containing an exactly-fitting circle and diagonals are precisely brought together along one face and moved together to form a Golden Rectangle (long side length 1.618 or Phi times the short side length). For detailed discussion see Gideon Polya, “Sacred & Profane. REAL Da Vinci Code Exposed”: ).

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