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Guru Guru for Phat Quarter "Music" Swap

I made this for Shaebay for the latest Phat Quarter embroidery swap, which was themed "music." Shae and I once had a fleeting side conversation about Guru Guru, who is a character from the Legend of Zelda games who plays a music box (some sort of grinder box). In "Ocarina of Time" he teaches you (Link) the Song of Storms which is also the tune that he endlessly plays because it moves the bell of his instrument in circles and also powers the windmill where he is found. I used an image that I found online of the character and then drew (and stitched) the keys to play the song coming in a spiral shape out of the bell of his music machine, because the character makes a comment about how he loves things going "around, around."


I sent it to shae and it turns out that she has nearly this exact same thing as a tattoo!! I had no idea! Such a fun and funny coincidence!

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Taken on January 22, 2011