Happy Valentimes!

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    30 Rock fans, this is for you...


    1. emilym ages ago | reply

      Boobs! Happy Heart Day!

    2. styro ages ago | reply

      I love this woman's cameos on 30 rock. what's her name? I recognize her from SNL...

    3. giddygirlie ages ago | reply

      Rachel Dratch. She's brilliant. And sadly, she was originally slated to be "Jenna" (the star of The Girlie Show) but they cast Jane whats-her-name. Who I like, but still.... so I love that Rachel gets these crazy ass little cameos.

    4. styro ages ago | reply

      When she was doing the Blue Dude in the episode where Tracy went off his meds and was freaking out, I was DYING laughing. So funny.

    5. giddygirlie ages ago | reply

      OMG - that episode is so funny! When he's on the ceiling "I'm bugging out! I'm bugging out!" ha ha ha

      I'm going to watch that right now. :)

    6. eyduck ages ago | reply

      Did you see what Adam posted just for you?

    7. giddygirlie ages ago | reply

      HA HA HA!!! Dammit, I searched high and low for this picture and REALLY wanted the one of Baldwin with the tongs. Now I will have to screen shot it....

      for everyone else: www.adampictures.com

    8. DanielleH ages ago | reply

      Oh shit, this one was so funny! I love this show.

    9. styro ages ago | reply

      The giant shrimp, made of shrimp, diving into a bowl of shrimp... still possibly my favorite moment.

    10. giddygirlie ages ago | reply

      AND I love how they slipped the dirtiest joke on TV into the "family" episode.... wanna hear it: www.giddygirlie.com/2008/02/so_close_you_cant_see_it.html

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