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When we take a look to our past we always have some "ghosts" to get away from.....its past, we know what we have done and we didnt, but when we try to take a look to our future...its more hard ... things are more complicated.

Now i am here I am young (i am still young or i am a grown man) and i feel invulnerable...everything is possible and if we make a mistake we think we know we can remedy... we will have time to work on it....




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When the room is quiet

The daylight almost gone

It seems there's something I should know

Well, I ought to leave

But the rain it never stops

And I've no particular place to go


Just when I think I'm winning

When I've broken every door

The ghosts of my life

Blow wilder than before

Just when I thought I could not be stopped

When my chance came to be king

The ghosts of my life

Blew wilder than the wind


Well, I'm feeling nervous

Now I find myself alone

The simple life's no longer there

Once I was so sure

Now the doubt inside my mind

Comes and goes, but leads nowhere


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Taken on April 8, 2009