Bandido | Virgin Gold | Italy
When the German company Drettmann first exhibited its range of explorer yachts at the 2007 Dusseldorf Boat Show the reception varied between the skeptical and the incredulous. The Bandido with its chunky styling, heavy-duty construction and workmanlike looks, was a trawler yacht that actually did look like a trawler – or perhaps even a tug. It was not pretty, but people soon recognised the advantages of its full-bellied, heavy-displacement hull.

The Bandido needs quite small engines to push it along at its modest cruising speed and, with a huge fuel capacity, it can tackle pretty much any voyage. Initial interest confirmed their was a future for the concept– some 30 Bandidos were built before Drettmann created an entirely new generation, refreshing the concept with the sleeker and refined-looking Explorer Yacht range.
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