ASIA- Tea production GIAHS sites
Four sites that combine heritage with future…

Designated by FAO as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems

The Pu’er Traditional Tea Agrosystem in China
The world's largest area of tea forest plantations...
One of the origins of the tea trees.

The traditional tea-grass system in Shizuoka, Japan…
Uses a farming technique called Chagusaba.
Chagusaba is a guarantee of biodiversity, sustainability and high-quality tea.

Fuzhou Jasmine System in China…
More than 2 000 years of tradition and innovation.
This tea industry is the main source of income for local farmers.

Traditional Hadong Tea Agrosystem in Korea
A combination of traditional techniques of cultivation and processing methods.
1 200 years of adaptation and history.

GIAHS tea sites preserve nature and culture.

Protecting livelihoods, heritage and ensuring food security.
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