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Tempus ex machina | by TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³
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Tempus ex machina

"If the Maya could stop their civilization, we can stop ours.


Because of the knowledge that I was able to awaken in myself concerning these matters, since the middle 1970's, around 1974, I had begun living by the Tzolkin or Mayan sacred calendar. I knew that only by living it was I going to understand it. After 1987 with the publication of The Mayan Factor and the Harmonic Convergence event, which was the fulfillment of a prophetic cycle, both Bolon Ik and myself began to live completely in the Mayan Cycles. This was for a very specific reason. We knew that there were other Maya, the Daykeepers, both in the Yucatan and Guatemala, but we had an advantage because we were also completely in the Western world. We were able to see something. We were able to see something that no one else had seen.


In December 1989, I believe it was on December 10th, the day 4 Dragon, we were in the Museum of Time in Geneva where we spent several hours, after which it was totally, 100% clear, that the museum was not properly named. They had to rename the Museum as the "Museum of Mechanized Time". Because we were living in the cycles of the 13:20 timing frequency, we had a standard of measure, as it was, to take an overview look at the Museum of Time and understand that the whole of the modern world was operating on an artificial timing frequency. Although we had not articulated to ourselves until that point that we were living in 13:20, we knew at that point that we were. We articulated that point. That was the beginning of the discovery of the Law of Time.


Because we saw that we were on the 13:20 we were able to identify the artificial timing frequency as the 12:60: irregular, 12-month calendar, and 60-minute hour. The combination of these two timing factors, which no one had ever looked at before, was the entire basis of the modern civilization. The 13th Baktun was completely captured by the 12:60 timing frequency and for this reason the modern world has developed as it has developed.


We say there are many ways of looking at the problem, but one of the most common ways is to say the modern human is alienated from nature and that the alienation occurs by completely surrounding himself in machines. We have a complete dependence on the machine technology. The high point of this civilization is to endow every human with their own machine. We call these machines Datsun, Toyota, Chrysler or Mercedes. With their machine each human can go to a building that has machines in it. The human can work at these machines, whether it is the assembly plant machine or a computer machine. Driving his or her machine to the other machine, the human can spend eight hours at another machine and then come back to his machine and drive his machine back home - and turn on the television. This is the modern life, an anthropological view. Everybody seems to be trapped in this. The reason why the human goes in his machine to go to the machine to come back to the machine is so that the human can receive an artificial credit called money to pay for his machine, or other machines, or other ways of finding diversions to get away from the machine.


This is the description of the modern life and it is glamorized by names like "globalization." As comfortable as many machines seem to make our life, the machines actually diminish our telepathy, our intuition, and our senses. Every time you look at your watch to see what time it is - and living in the modern world it is impossible not to - nonetheless, every time you do that you are choosing to go to the machine rather than to your intuition.


So, we see that what some people refer to as the "planetary crisis" is completely due to what we call a whole system effect of an error in time. This whole system error in time, this error is what is causing the destruction of the biosphere and causing the humans to accelerate more and more. We have machines called computers with gigabytes that can do millions of computations in one second ... that's acceleration. Actually in the whole 13th Baktun what we see is that the human is running faster and faster. Why is the human running faster? Because the machines don't last long and one must always be making a better machine.


A better machine always goes faster. As the machine goes faster, the importance of money increases. Fifteen years ago in the United States there appeared a magazine called Money. When I saw this magazine I thought, "Why would anyone have a magazine about money ... I mean, Psychology Today is okay, but Money?" So now you can go to the airport newstand and find at least six or seven magazines about money. This is because the 12:60 philosophy is "Time is Money". You sell your time to get money. All the machines are part of a speculation on the stock market, to create more money. This is very boring, but I will say that it creates a situation that from the point of view of the Law of Time is called "Judgement Day".


Judgement Day is brought about when the deviation of the human species from the natural order is so great that the human beings don't even realize it, and for this they cannot see the karmic consequences of their actions. Despite the fact that everyone says the rainforest is disappearing, no one is willing to stop who is destroying the rainforest. I know that there are certain people who are willing to give their life to do that, but the collective will of humanity is impotent, because it has completely encapsulated itself in artificial time.


All prophecy has to do with time, and so the Judgement Day prophecy is the prophecy that has to do with the deviation of the humans from natural time. The point of Judgement Day, which the Maya knew about because they counted Baktuns by 144,000 days, that was precisely the point when they knew the Law of Time would emerge. The Law of Time has one practical application - the Thirteen Moon Calendar. Just in case you wondered if I was going to get back to that point, here we are. This is our theme. So there is much more to a calendar than you might have thought. Thank You." [Rev 10.9-3.18-1 Meditation 2 Page 15 of 16]


Taken from: (bolding is mine)


If this piece of text makes any sense (sense of not non-sense, despite you agree or not, or you don´t know but makes some sense to you) I *strongly* encourage you to read the whole paper, which actually belongs to a thread of 28 writings you can download here on bottom of the page:


I haven´t read them all, but as far as I went it is stunning how much congruence I find in it and my own construction of reality previous to get all this information (many of you who I have had the opportunity of debating on these topics, most of my 'eclectic' friends have already suffered my insistence on starting paying attention to our reality from this oldly new perspective). I welcome your comments and feedback (pro and against of course!) and hope you find this enlightening as I did. (The part about how boring the cycle of making/spending money is... yikes, how many times I wished I could have been able to explain that same idea I have so clearly! Yesterday, in fact I was writing to my soul pirate about this feeling I had, and I think I couldn´t express myself very clearly.)


Last, regarding the title, for further understanding of what I exactly meant by it (it is easy to misunderstand the phrase as the original has become a badly used cliché)


Image: "Dalí, What makes you tick?" artwork by Philip Halsman. Not many people understood so clearly the fragility and deformity of our concept of Time like him and expressed this idea with such mastery.

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