'f' as in 'violin'

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    1. alternatePhotography 89 months ago | reply

      Ah, I was just wondering the other day what happened to this gem. Will you be playing for us Christmas music? :-D

    2. TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ 89 months ago | reply

      Wish I could! I must admit that after I purchased it it was very little time I could dedicate to it. Not even to the guitar, I lost the callus in the fingers and got my nails long again in the left hand... Ah well!

      However on Saturday night I made a small "concert". I was invited to a party and there were a band playing and they invited me in to sing -and play the guitar!-.

      It was nice. =)

    3. bc2 [deleted] 89 months ago | reply

      we can get some alieness vibrations through this pic. an integral ? lol !

    4. GTL [deleted] 89 months ago | reply

      ..I love the violin..

    5. Pamelinka 89 months ago | reply

      It looks really beautiful... And I see an integral sign!!! Too much "ciencias y letras"!!!!

    6. *junket* 89 months ago | reply

      love the tones!

      (sorry, bad photo nerd/violinist joke!)

    7. PLopes 89 months ago | reply

      I see curved surfaces with soft beautiful tones and colors, invoking sounds of joy, happiness and childhood; I remember a concert of a string quartet in Lourenço Marques (Mozambique, today called Maputo) where, in the end, the quartet played this difficult out of the ordinary and of tempo piece; before starting this final piece of the night’s performance they placed a blinking lamp in the stage as a reference for the tempo; it was the most fun, hilarious, strange piece of music I ever heard! I was 12 years old. The weekly concerts would always end with people half asleep getting out of the theater to return home. I distinctly remember that night as being the funniest night ever! Everybody woke up and everybody was complaining about this horrible music. I just loved it. Imagine Xenakis, may be it was from someone else, I don’t know. But imagine everybody upset and angry, “This is not music! How horrible”, everybody angry may be except me! So, that’s it, that’s what I see!

    8. Becka 89 months ago | reply

      Beautiful shot.
      Charlie (age 3) says, "No! *V* is for violin!"

    9. !efatima 89 months ago | reply

      or fatima for that matter :) its so perfectly shot. very well composed.

    10. bosquetango 89 months ago | reply

      Looks just like they modeled the shape after you, G.

    11. Pickersgill Reef 78 months ago | reply

      Hi Alieness I needed some f-holes and found yours (with CC licence). Hope you like it:

    12. sosij 77 months ago | reply

      Thank you, this is great, your f holes look great on my back!!
      (Thanks to Pickersgil reef)

      Seen in some comments. (?)

    13. KellyOwnsShakespeare 65 months ago | reply

      reminds me of integrals in calculus somehow o-o

    14. jilliembs 64 months ago | reply

      Thanks for posting you photo on Creative Commons. I've added it to the website mindbodyandsoul.ie:

      Music Therapy

      Best wishes :)

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