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devil in her heart

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"-She's got the devil in her heart"
But her eyes they tantalize
"-She's gonna tear your heart apart"
Oh her lips are really thrilling

I'll take my chances
for romance is
So important to me
She'll never hurt me
She won't desert me
She's an angel sent to me

"-She's got the devil in her heart"
No, no, this I can't believe
"-She's gonna tear your heart apart"
No, no way will she deceive

I can't believe that she'll ever ever go
Not when she hugs and says she loves me so
She'll never hurt me
She won't desert me
"-Listen can't you see"

"-She's got the devil in her heart"
Oh, no, no, no, no this I can't believe
"-She's gonna tear your heart apart"
No, no nay will she deceive
"-She's got the devil in her heart"
No she's an angel sent to me

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  1. Epinym 106 months ago | reply

    I love the look in your eyes.

  2. Kevin 106 months ago | reply

    Love that song of course. :-)

  3. out of ideas 106 months ago | reply

    I wouldn't believe it, either. :)

  4. O Caritas 106 months ago | reply

    Devil in your heart? No way!!

    But a very nice photo, Gisela!

  5. —lucas— [deleted] 106 months ago | reply

    tengo miedo.

  6. ..ädri.. 106 months ago | reply

    Muy linda Gi, me gusta tu expresión y como siempre, la naranjosidad :P ;)

  7. TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ 106 months ago | reply

    jeezzzz.... nobody believes me... =´( ...I am a frustated devil...


    Thank you all for the comments. The song is a beatles' fav of mine. Very amusing... actually, listening to the beatles is always amusing to me. Cheers me up instantly. I feel how they enjoyed and had fun while playing... it´s contagious. Also the (some) lyrics are particulary hilarous. I really LOL many times. :D

    Gracias Adri, la narajosidez es ya es parte del paisaje, no? (la lampara lo es) ;)

    Lucas, "No Fear". (qué mal chiste, eh?)

  8. carljohnson 106 months ago | reply

    Nice use of color.

  9. Todd Huffman 106 months ago | reply

    "-She's gonna tear your heart apart"

    No, she already has.

  10. Shiki [deleted] 106 months ago | reply

    Tiger, Tiger, burning bright ... you make an excellent tigress, Gi!

  11. alternatePhotography 106 months ago | reply

    agreed, don't make Mondays :-)

  12. Lean (inkel) 106 months ago | reply

    Sisi, muy linda la foto y los colores y blah blah... pero estas buenísima en esta foto, con esa mirada conseguís lo que quieras!!!

    Tuve un rapto de sinceridad parece, jah!

  13. zenera 106 months ago | reply

    Trés dangereuse....bella Gi**

  14. —lucas— [deleted] 106 months ago | reply

    al fin alguien honesto.

  15. Martin Bolomey 106 months ago | reply

    cara de mala ...

    no se si creerle Srta.

  16. TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ 106 months ago | reply

    Thank you Carl. :)

    Thank you Todd... *blush* ;)

    Thank you Shiki *another blush* ;;)

    Thank you David... Mondays are a strange mix of "How nice that a new week begins! =)" and "Yikes a new week begins and see the pile of work to do from the last one. =("

    Zene, merci!!! :D

    Ink, Luc y Martin... Muchas Gracias *+blush+* =)

  17. Robin Thom 106 months ago | reply

    F#ck it.

    It's the bridge for me.

    I'm all used up.

  18. us_airforce_defender1 [deleted] 102 months ago | reply

    Oh Girl !!! Nice Picture !!!

    I wish I could feel your fists once in my stomach when you punch me :-))) Would you let me smell your fist under my nose ?
    Let me feel your fists when you punch me
    in the gut ! I wanna know how it feels like :))

    did you ever punch some one ???

    Let me be your human punching ball :-))) *lol*

    Can I have a picture of your fist ???

    Send it to me : Pondmarc1@hotmail.com

    Marc :)

  19. creo que soy yo 101 months ago | reply

    el miedo es un luz apagada. o una isla solitaria a lo lejos con un farol encendido. el miedo son sábanas y noche. un estado es el miedo. una peli a la una de la mañana en tu house y solo. un ruido en la puerta. un viento lejano es el miedo. también una foto

  20. Aaron M. Coyle 95 months ago | reply

    made me think of "devil inside" by INXS. cool portrait and lyrics!


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