Car crash

cars shouldn´t drink with people inside of them...


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  • bosquetango 10y

    Oopa. I hope no one was hurt. What does the E sign stand for?
  • Gisela Giardino 10y


    No parking allowed here... unless in certain cases like these. =(

    I hope no one got hurt too... but, If you see the rest of the pictures you will see two things:

    The car could have never targeted the column if he followed the path.

    And by the damage the impact left in the car, they guy must have been driving very fast.

    So I tend to believe that there were people hurt. There was a policeman there.

    Another interesting thing: those cars: Fiat Uno, are wellknown here because you always find one crashed. The thing is that they are too fast and too light in weight, so they easily lose balance.

    And that zig zag turn ALWAYS cash drivers lives. People don´t learn it seems.

    J, the sign could perfectly stand for that here. 0-(
  • Gisela Giardino 10y

    Ah! talking about Drinking complications
  • Kevin Trotman 10y

    From your description, I get the feeling that this photo is very representative. It is both sad and funny at the same time to me... invoking a laugh until I think of the seriousness of the whole situation for those that were in the car, then it makes me sad.
  • Gisela Giardino 10y

    I got the same feeling... I am very impressive to these things, even without witnessing a drop of blood. The very idea of what might have happenned to the people put me very sad.

    But I tried to make a bit of an interesting road thing, maybe funny, to dissipate the depressive pathos.
  • Gisela Giardino 10y

    Let me share, talking about traffic and danger...

    Today I went for a ride. A f** idiot taxi driver had no better idea than to open the door of his cab (badly parked btw) without looking if there was someone comming.

    I was the only one in the road, keeping my right and yes, of course, the guy suddenly openned the door when I was passing him by his left.

    I could put the brakes (I was not riding fast) and I could even have avoided him, hadn´t he openned the door COMPLETELY!

    A second later my butt was on the (wet, it was raining a bit) pavement. The driver didn´t know how to apologise..

    I said to him when I stood up and saw I have injured superficially my ankle but everything was ok -btw my butt seem to be a good bumper -: "nothing happenned, this could have been serious. Next time look back before you open the door"


    The man was a TAXI DRIVER! He WORKS on the streets! It is incredible.
  • Kevin Trotman 10y

    Our taxi drivers are just as smart as yours. I'm glad you didn't get hurt badly. It could have been much worse.
  • Gisela Giardino 10y

    taxi drivers are a disease... thxs for your words, R, yes... it could have been worse by far... 0-(
  • GustavoG 10y

    Tacheros... On the other hand, in Buenos Aires the competition between taxi drivers can be pretty fierce. It probably isn't an easy job at all, errors are to be expected.
  • Gisela Giardino 10y

    sure... but there are errors and errors...

    If I commit a mistake at my job I don´t kill anybody... this is a main difference, isn´t it?
  • Javier ME 10y

    When I first saw the sign, before reading the comments, it reminded to me that in Britain "E" is a slang term for Ecsatsy (anphetamine pills supposed to contain MDMA). So a "No Eing" sing would mean sort of "Driving under the influence of ecstasy is forbidden".
  • Gisela Giardino 10y

    Well, it could have perfectly meant that down here! But our authorities aren´t that openned to this new trippy reality... no such signs yet.

    What about there? Any of the kind? =)
  • lysdexia 10y

    I never understood why poles are needed in the first place. Signs can be hung on ropes or chains way overhead across fenceposts or trees, and it'd be cheaper. And where there are stiff pole-like objects there can be rope (hemp, nylon, sisal, steel, whatever) fences that give away instead of the wooden logs or laths used now. And if they need to keep cars out, they can follow the olden days and make a ditch or ridge, but of concrete. Then again, people are fools.

    loose -> lose
    impressive -> impressed
    breaks -> brakes
  • Gisela Giardino 10y

    Thx, there, l.

    That idea of hanging the signs sounds pretty well to me. Yes, it would be better in many situations. In others, probably, there would be no other option but the poles. Now, about the parking prohibition, in this case, this is a high-speed avenue (Allowed. This guy was surely even more fast and/or drunk), so a ridge/ditch would operate against the traffic as much as a row of cars... (???)

    Hey! when you say 'people' do aliens fall in the category, too? Ok, ok, no need to answer... |-)
  • Victor Riess 10y

    Signs, signs, everywhere a sign
    clogging up the scenery
    chasing my mind
    do this, don't do that, can you read the signs...

    (from some very old song I don't remember)

    You were very nice to that taxi driver. That might very well have thrust me out of my 'coolness' envelope and I might have kicked his door so hard that he'd remember me for a long time... since I'd do it with him between the door and the car.

    They solved the driver/customer interaction problem in New York by having no taxi drivers able to speak english.

    I had a head on collision with a tax a couple years ago. I've deduced that they are all ex-rocket scientists with some space besides real-space on their mind.

    Glad you have a good 'pillow' to land on.

    BTW - this is one of the best photo descriptions ever... drunk cars shouldn't carry people.. ha!
  • bc2 10y

  • akaashsarup 8y

    oh my god
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