Veronica Lake with Mache JOLs

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    Parallel rows of American pulp paper JOLs with tissue liners date this pic to the 1940's or 1950's. Hollywood actress Veronica Lake dressed as a beautiful witch with broom poses with 2 cauldrons.

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    1. BADNOFF 57 months ago | reply

      sultry and seductive...and Halloween puts them over the top

    2. fluffy chetworth 56 months ago | reply

      This is Veronica Lake. 1940s.

    3. ghostofhalloweenspast 56 months ago | reply

      LOVE you! You're going to help me identify of bunch of these lovely ladies I'll bet!

    4. matthewkirscht 54 months ago | reply

      So THAT's why all of those JOLS that turn up have holes in the bottom. Great collection of images, I can't believe I missed these on your stream before!

    5. yukon28209 49 months ago | reply

      Not only that, but of course Mz Lake starred in "I Married a Witch" in the 1940s.

      BTW, not only am I pretty sure it's the 1940s (her career started spiraling in the 1950s), she had what looks like the old "Peek-a-boo" cut, which she had to chop down during the build up of women war workers in factories, on account of them copying her hairstyle and getting their hair stuck in gears.

    6. ghostofhalloweenspast 49 months ago | reply

      That's interesting. I'd never heard that term before, peek a boo cut. She certainly looks as they used to say "fetching".

    7. Spell Bound 1 21 months ago | reply

      When I think of the Hollywood witch, Veronica Lake always comes to mind. She was the original, Bewitched! I wish I could get away with dressing like that. ;)

    8. ghostofhalloweenspast 21 months ago | reply

      No kidding. She was drop dead gorgeous, she could totally carry it off. She was classic and a little bit dangerous at the same time. I would like to dress like that!

    9. matthewkirscht 21 months ago | reply

      I really wish they would put I married a witch back into print, last I checked you can not get a copy of it.

    10. Bart D. Frescura 8 months ago | reply

      This is amazing!!!

    11. ghostofhalloweenspast 8 months ago | reply

      Yeah, I just love this one in particular too. The wall of pulp jacks and Veronica Lake is just gorgeous in it, I love her costume. Everything's perfect. There's so much going on in this shot.

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