Mary Catherine Green

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    Simple headshot from the workshop I went to with Bill Wadman.

    Check out more of Mary's work at her website., Mauroaluigi, xiao_瑛, and 1 other people added this photo to their favorites.

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    1. BBAndersen2 35 months ago | reply

      If I noticed it enough to note it, then it was enough of a problem to uncool.

    2. Edson_Matthews 35 months ago | reply


      -voted cool

    3. gdiazdeleon 35 months ago | reply

      Get closer... and be sure you get better light.


    4. geoff.greene 35 months ago | reply

      You sir, are blatantly ridiculous. I was less than a foot from her and the light is beautiful window light.

    5. beckstei 35 months ago | reply

      I think it's lovely and the composition is fine. I can't even really see the background. My only quibble is she is a bit orange on my monitor. I'm doubting my calibration. cool.

    6. addie cass 35 months ago | reply

      She is really so pretty.
      I like her expressive eyes, which of course are the important part, and the hair, which is another very important part. I'm having a little issue with her neck and chest area, as that seems too blurry.
      So, I like most of it a lot.... I'm a bit torn.
      Agghhh, I'll have to come back to it.

    7. aaronalexa05 35 months ago | reply

      I like it

    8. gdiazdeleon 35 months ago | reply

      Lol... your exif is lying at 0.73 meters from your subject... and the blacks of your slider abuse after underexposure is telling how nice your light is.

    9. addie cass 35 months ago | reply

      I've thought about it, looked at it again, and I think it's quite awesome. I'm not crazy about the neck blur, but I'm crazy about the face.

    10. rose_peacock 35 months ago | reply

      eyes are soft.

      -Voted uncool6 (from The Icebox)

    11. geoff.greene 35 months ago | reply

      0.73, 1ft. Seriously, if I was closer, I'd be up her nose.

      The blacks are from post, not the light.

    12. N_C_G 35 months ago | reply

      Nice light, and close enough for me


    13. --Rahu-- 35 months ago | reply

      the model is nice but the soft focus on the eyes and harsh light does not do any justice for her. also the background (the left side) is very busy for me.

      -Voted uncool7 (from The Icebox)

    14. meezoid 35 months ago | reply

      it's a great portrait. If i was being picky I'd point out the fact that you've not framed her the best (top of head cut off), but it's still


    15. Lucem~Ferre 35 months ago | reply

      over softened, hair left on face, harsh light

      auto uncool

    16. luxx11 35 months ago | reply

      this is really nice, especially the model, listen to gdiaz, get closer, lose the camera


    17. samthe8th 35 months ago | reply

      tones are unfortunately a bit too ketchupy for my taste.

      -Voted uncool9 (from The Icebox)

    18. mswickedmonton 35 months ago | reply

      Holy mackerel, straight outta the barrel...uncool

    19. Lucem~Ferre 35 months ago | reply

      And its over....

      by a "hair" get it?

      * Main Entry: uncool
      * Pronunciation: \ˌən-ˈkül\
      * Function: adjective

      1 : lacking in assurance, sophistication, or self-control
      2 : failing to accord with the values or styles (as of dress or behavior) of a particular group :not accepted or admired as cool or proper
      3: this photograph, according to The Icebox

      Throw it in the pile with the rest of the melted muck.

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