GEVACRIL ACRYLICS is a world-leading manufacturer of high-quality CAST & EXTRUDED TUBES, RODS, BARS, PROFILES, SHEETS, BLOCKS & ACCESSORIES in PMMA and polycarbonate.

GEVACRIL offers a.o. the following exclusive items:
- Cast Continued Tubes®
- Satin & Opal XT Tubes
- Metallic Tubes®
- FLUOR-ACRYL® Rods&Bars, Tubes, Domes
- Cast Acrylic tubes up to OD650mm

This gives you the following big added values:

- sinking production costs thanks to the revolutionary ®Cast Continued Tubes
- higher margin on your sales
- higher visibility due to innovative items and specialities
- better image due to a complete delivery program
- market advantages in new application fields (Metallic Tubes®, FLUOR-ACRYL®, colours)
- trend setting (Satin-XT Tubes®)

The most complete delivery program on the market - more than one thousand items produced and well inventoried!

GEVACRIL® ACRYLICS, your acrylics & polycarbonates professional, has the power to change!

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