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The Enchanted Princess

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The eighteenth (and final) image in my "Fairy Tales" series. Look for my "Imaginings" series next!


The Enchanted Princess:

Evil stepmother, ugly and mean stepsister; the girl is sent into the woods in a paper dress and shoeless to find strawberries in mid-winter. Magic elves enchant her - she'll grow more beautiful every day, gold coins will fall from her mouth when she speaks, and she'll lead a long and wonderful life.


Ugly, mean stepsister is sent out in fur clothes and warm boots. Treats the same elves horribly and is cursed - she will grow more ugly each day, frogs will spring from her mouth when she speaks, and she'll die a horrible death.


Handsome king sees the pretty stepdaughter and takes her away to his kingdome. Marries her and they have a lovely baby boy. Evil stepmother and stepsister visit and pretend to be happy for her, but when the king leaves the room the stepmother throws the queen out the window (supposedly to her death). Instead, she becomes a white duck with a gold crown. Convinces a young page to take her to tuck her son in 3 days in a row. Each day she becomes human long enough to kiss her son, then returns to being a duck. Page tells the king he can break the spell by swinging his sword over her head 3 times in a row. He does, she is returned to her human form. He then asks the stepmother (who does not know queen has survived) what should happen to someone who kills a ruler. She says they should be put in a nail-lined barrel and rolled to their death; he orders it to be done and he and the queen live happily ever after.


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Thanks to these wonderful artists for their stock images:


Location: thejader

Model: faestock

Strawberries: fantasystock

PS Brushes for Hair: trisste-brushes flordelys-stock and flordelys-stock

PS Eyelash Brushes: falln-stock

Texture: I downloaded this texture ages ago. Unfortunately, I do not know who to credit. If you recognize "Stained Paper" as yours, please let me know so I can credit your work!


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