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The Goose Girl | by GettysGirl4260
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The Goose Girl

The fourth in my "Fairytales" series.


For those of you unfamiliar with the Grimm's fairytale of the Goose Girl, it is about a princess whose chambermaid steals her identity in order to marry the prince, forcing the true princess to work in the pastures as a goose girl.


Each day, the young boy who also works the geese tries to steal some strands of her beautiful hair as she braids it, but she whispers to the wind to blow his hat away so that he will need to chase it until she is done. Finally, after several days of this, the young boy goes to the king and tells him of the girl's strange behavior. The king begs her to tell her secret, but she refuses, fearing death.


Eventually, the king learns of the princess' true identity and dresses her in regal clothes befitting her station. At an elaborate meal, he tells a story of a young maiden who has been wronged by another, and asks the chambermaid what should be done to the hypothetical criminal. She insists the perpetrator should be tortured until dead. The king orders it to be done, and the true princess marries the prince and they live happily ever after.


* * * *


OK, not one of the most cheerful fairytales ever, especially when you consider the decapitated horse head (which I omitted because, well, it's rather morbid). But, I remember it from when I was a little girl and always loved the illustrations of her beautiful hair blowing in the wind. . .


* * * *

Thank you to these wonderful artists for their stock images:


Location: wanteringsoul-stox

Model: faestock

Geese: queenselphie neriah-stock zoelafleur-stock and two-ladies-stocks

Hair brushes for Photoshop: trisste-brushes and falln-stock

Texture: borealnz


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Thanks for taking the time to view my creation.

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Taken on March 27, 2009