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    It feels like I'm only uploading for the sake of uploading. I'm not satisfied with my photography lately. But I'm even more unsatisfied with my life so that's why I keep on taking pictures.

    I'm probably going to reach the 2,000th contacts this week. SO I'm going to record a Q&A video. If you have interesting questions to ask, you can write them here or on formspring (formspring is better).

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    coollessons2004, Cameron John Sarradet, and 97 other people added this photo to their favorites.

    1. coollessons2004 47 months ago | reply

      Wow! Surreal and amazing!

    2. Anna Kay△ 47 months ago | reply

      I really love the texture and the progression of color from the bottom to the top of the frame

    3. Nick and the Whale 47 months ago | reply

      I don't know how you do it but I'm so glad you do! Your work is so great Marwane!

    4. Sean.Stein 47 months ago | reply

      You amaze me

    5. redheadC 47 months ago | reply

      it's funny that the work that you aren't exactly satisfied with is still amazing.
      i'm sorry you're in this rut, marwane. things will look up eventually.

    6. Merelle 47 months ago | reply

      This is one of my favourites by you actually - makes me think of the titanic and a lost photo that had been found!

    7. Jake Hegel 47 months ago | reply

      Incredible, this looks like such a wonderful painting!

    8. Nikki Froom 47 months ago | reply

      Stunning art! Amazing :)

    9. orinoko42 47 months ago | reply

      Superb processing - this could be the label on the side of one of my old biscuit tins.
      Wonderful work =]

    10. Jimmy Yan 47 months ago | reply

      Really really amazing! And I think everyone has the feelings more or less that sometimes what he or she does seems meaningless. But I do appreciate most of your artwork. Your unique styling and coloring and ideas. They're not only beautiful faces but also surreal joys for me.

    11. Pablo Poulain 47 months ago | reply

      love the post production

    12. Sara ♥♥♥ [deleted] 47 months ago | reply

      love the post processing also!

    13. Sara ♥♥♥ [deleted] 47 months ago | reply

      G =] yay!!!

    14. maren.maren. [deleted] 47 months ago | reply

      what an amazing work! :)

    15. wondermeander 47 months ago | reply

      oh dear, you're probably a perfectionist. The photographs you upload are such masterpieces in their own right. I love the way you play with colours and textures and make everything seem so flawless. i enjoy your work. cheers from canada! :)

    16. .Ottilie. 47 months ago | reply

      Hello Sailor :)
      Yes, I would like to know how long ago and how you got into photography :)

    17. SaylaMarz 46 months ago | reply

      This is stunning.

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