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Ground Floor & Registration

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BTW, you can dig this: digg.com/apple/The_first_photos_from_WWDC_2008 Thanks!

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  1. jmven ages ago | reply

    Very cool!

  2. GoSquared ages ago | reply

    Parasight - u have a good point, but I think it highly unlikely.

    I think maybe more and more we will see Apple branding the hardware (computers) as Macs, the hardware (phones) as iPhone and the firmware as OS X.

    Initially I wasn't sure how far Apple would go with the "OS X on iPhone" but now, in the eyes of developers, it is clear that Touch really is lining up to be the way of the future for Apple.

  3. macbooknero ages ago | reply

    Only I see the iPhone too big?
    Isn't the MBA too small?
    Are we looking at the MacBook Mini?
    Is this the new MacBook?

  4. davidhdennis ages ago | reply

    And just to complete the picture, that's Wall*e in the middle!

    (Yes, I know it's just a vacuum cleaner, but it looks amazingly similar at a distance!)


  5. KirkL ages ago | reply

    The thing that stands out to me are the giant images of iPhones. If they were going to redesign it, I don't imagine they'd put giant pictures of the old style up on the walls. I realize they could just change them out later, but why put up something that you're going to replace a few hours later? Just to mislead people? I wouldn't put it past them, but my guess is that the new iPhone looks, from the front at least, just like the current one.

  6. Peter Yan ages ago | reply

    OSX Windows
    The World's most advanced PC OS

  7. jxpx777 ages ago | reply

    Some of the icons on the big MBA banner aren't familiar to me, like the iPhone with orange on the right. Could one of those icons be the AppStore icon?

  8. anttiveikko ages ago | reply

    "The Future - Calling"

  9. thepatrick ages ago | reply

    macbooknero: The laptop is a MacBook Air in the pictures, but I wouldn't read anything in to the relative sizes.

  10. paperbrigade ages ago | reply

    can't wait!

  11. emilcar74 ages ago | reply

    Comments on this photo are more interesting than reading all the blogs around the world :-D

  12. creeing ages ago | reply

    whats the symbol next to the bars on the iphone? Is it an "E" for edge, or what?

  13. defsixer ages ago | reply

    creeing: It's the WiFi signal, with 'AT&T' to the left of it.

  14. Karim D. Ghantous ages ago | reply

    Love that object on the floor, below the OSX Leopard sign. It looks like a droid. :-)

  15. temporale:11 ages ago | reply

    Jamie Phelps:
    The App Store icon is shown to the left of that big green one.

    I hope OS X iPhone 2.0 will ship on Monday ... I've been expecting the App Store for a long time.

  16. mikon ages ago | reply

    I'm all set for Monday, but until I see a picture with the black cloth draped over a poster/banner, I'm keeping my composure.

  17. 01000110 01110101 01100011 01101011 00100000 01011 ages ago | reply

    I can't wait... I made sure I had plenty of money in the bank so I can spend it on new goodies. :D

    BTW... thanks for the uploading the photos, They're great!

  18. Luis Eduardo ® ages ago | reply

    A pleasure to see your work

  19. benlangfeld ages ago | reply

    Karim D. Ghantous: It's a controller for the motors the truss is hung from the ceiling on.

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