Take your picture!

I gave away free Polaroids to (mostly) kids during my trip to Uganda. I shot close to 90 pictures, many of wich I think were the finest portraits I have ever taken. The majority in Kamwokya and Kyebando, Kampala.

I used Fuji FP-100C color film, because I wanted the pictures to also reflect the time they were taken in. The camera I used is a Polaroid 340 Automatic (and a 330 as a backup). Film was partially sponsored by Calumet Hamburg, who I thank very much for making this project possible. I also thank Alex, Kati and Simone, three social work students from Austria (also my host mommies), as well as all the people from their organization who showed me around the slums of Kampala.

All the waste (except cardboard boxes and paper) was taken back to Europe for recycling or proper disposal.

To be continued in the future.
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