First Bike Jaunt

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    I took my old bike in for a tune up at MEC last week and picked it up tonight after work. I went for a short little ride around and it felt soooo good!

    I'm actually going to look into the feasibility of riding to work once or twice during the week. I would cycle from my place to Spadina Subway station then ride up to Downsview Station and then cycle the rest of the way to my office. On the way back, I'd ride my bike all the way back downtown. I figured out a route on the weekend the gets me from the office and down to hook up with Bike Route #35 that will get me all the way down to Queen Street West.

    I know it will be a long haul, but hey I did it before about *cough cough* 20 years ago. Of course, then it wasn't for work (anyone remember the Benson and Hedges Symphony of Fire??) but I also rode both ways, the whole route. I was also dating an ex-triathlete at the time and had a 23" waist. :p But that's beside the point!! Of course, they're calling for the weather to go back to the regular temps and such for March as of the weekend when I was hoping to do a trial run. Dang it!!

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    1. disposable photography 25 months ago | reply

      cooler weather might just be more invigorating ;D

    2. Jee whiz! 25 months ago | reply

      Happy biking, sweetie!

    3. Georgie_grrl 25 months ago | reply

      Uhhh ... I don't know if my joints would be that impressed though to be honest! :p

      Thank you darlin'!

    4. Michael W Hrysko (Hamilton Photographer) [deleted] 25 months ago | reply

      Good on you Georgie for biking all that way again :)

      I normally put in 30 + kms a day.

      What struck me as odd is that it took a "Week" for a simple spring tune up?

      I'd be looking for a better and faster bike shop turn around time. But that's just me.

      With the weather we've been having.. Enjoy EVERY minute of it., b/c we all know winter really isn't gone "yet" We always get at least one last wallop before it's all over ;-)

    5. ctberney 25 months ago | reply

      Wonderful selfie, Georgette! I'm back on my bike, too, and it's joyous! I'm trying to avoid paying for a tune-up, but it's making a few funny noises so might have to. Good luck with your long-range riding plans.

    6. Georgie_grrl 25 months ago | reply

      Thanks but I haven't done it yet! We'll have to see how it works with the timing. I start work at 8:30am so if I have to get up at 5am to do this, it won't be happening!! :p
      Mountain Equipment Co-op is *super* busy at this time of the year and it's right downtown too. I'm not complaining actually - they also had to fix one of my shifters as well since it was sticking and not working properly. But their prices are pretty reasonable and they did a great job.
      And yes, I'm waiting for Mother Nature to kick us in the ass at least once more before Spring is really here!

      Good to hear you're back on your bike ... let's see a photo of your ride my dear!
      Maybe you can shop around and find a place that isn't too pricey or find somewhere that teaches you how to do your own bike maintenance. I'm hoping to do that myself this year. I know a few basics but would like to know more. :)

    7. theharv58 25 months ago | reply

      a few years ago i was cycling from home at bathurst and finch to the downtown campus at u of t, in the beginning the ride down took 1 hrs 45 minutes and the ride home was over 2 hours, but i by the end of cycling season i was down to 45 minutes riding to work and 1 hrs 15 minutes to ride home. maybe i should dig out my bike from my basement and start again. mmmm you have inspired me GG.

    8. chimphappyhour 25 months ago | reply

      Sounds like a great idea. I keep considering a bus pass here and biking the rest until I get to that point of realizing it only works for one of the five days I work and is therefore the least cost effective option. :-( Wish we had a train or light rail here.

    9. Jay:Dee 25 months ago | reply

      Great selfie! And damn that weather for turning seasonal... 35 is a long haul and you want good weather to scope out that first ride.

    10. Georgie_grrl 25 months ago | reply

      Yeah, the way up is a slow uphill climb - I remember swearing at Joe during the last leg of that ride we'd do and he'd be telling me to push it and that he'd make it up to me when we got home!! ;p
      Go for it Harvey - be safe out there though! *hugs*

      Until I can do a trial run, I really don't know if it'll work. *crossing my fingers!* Report to follow in the hopefully not to distant future.

      Thanks! As for the weather, I figured it was bound to happen but I was hoping it wouldn't be this weekend. :p

    11. coronis 3 25 months ago | reply

      Beautiful light, beautiful you and pink socks too :)

    12. coronis 3 25 months ago | reply

      So silly of me (as usual) forgot the gift of more pink, in return for the favour!

    13. Trends-Scout 25 months ago | reply

      The perfect weather for a ride and you chose the perfect outfit as well.

    14. Georgie_grrl 25 months ago | reply

      Thank you Jill!
      And such a pretty big of pink! Thank you. :)

      It has been for the last week or so but it's supposed to get cool again over the weekend. We'll see what happens on Sunday with the weather.

    15. Trends-Scout 25 months ago | reply

      The same here, Georgette. We have a very sunny Thursday and the first time this year with a t-shirt outside ;o)))

    16. Michael W Hrysko (Hamilton Photographer) [deleted] 25 months ago | reply

      I "just" found MEC on King St a few weeks back when I went to the Spring Bike Show. I walked from Union St. up to King St then along King St to the show. That's how I found MEC. I stopped in and yeah... it was busy ;-)

    17. Georgie_grrl 25 months ago | reply

      The temps are a bit more like Spring today. We got up to 25C yesterday - it was lovely but crazy for March!

      MEC does a great job but yup, busy place especially in the Spring when everyone wants to come out of hibernation.

    18. Georgie_grrl 25 months ago | reply

      Crossing my fingers that I can Andy!

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