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36 years of sobriety, down the pooper.


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  1. Monroe Jigsaw 85 months ago | reply

    i'd hate to see the picture seven shows from now! 0_0

  2. dogmamaonly 85 months ago | reply

    Lordy, the things you'll do for entertainment's sake.

    Feel better, and drink lots of water.

  3. Philippa Ballantine 85 months ago | reply

    awh, another cherry lost. Most people don't do it in public- but it was enjoyable. Tequila may not have been the best choice either...

  4. .Nigel. 84 months ago | reply

    Its not the getting pissed that's hard, its walking up with feeling like death walking. Hence why I don't drink........ Much. Was a great show though.


  5. Monroe Jigsaw 84 months ago | reply

    you should have started with something better...not that shit i'm only 19, but iv'e heard that that was crap...

  6. °Florian 84 months ago | reply

    You did fool me. OTOH i was surprised you weren't more wasted by the end. So maybe i did know it was faked somehow.

  7. .Nigel. 84 months ago | reply

    Fooled as well.

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