The Duke's Theatre

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    The Duke's Theatre. Lancaster.

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    1. flickrzak 97 months ago | reply

      Not taken today George surely? It's been nothing but miserable grey around here.

      You caught the building well, nice shadows. I like.

    2. George D Thompson 97 months ago | reply

      I took this picture in October 2004 ~ it's been raining where I am today. Stupid cat came in wet through and purring. They're not supposed to do that are they?

    3. dpicker 97 months ago | reply

      If you have the time and patience, You can edit all photos which have lost the date and time they were taken, with flickr, Derek.

      On the right, under 'Additional Information', you should see an 'edit' link next to the 'Taken on April 24, 2007' line.

      Cameras store all this information in the original jpeg file but sometimes, programs like Photoshop can wipe this data.

      Forgive me if you know all this already.

    4. arbyreed 97 months ago | reply

      Wonderful shot. I really like this one.

    5. flickrzak 97 months ago | reply

      I knew this also David, and was pulling Georges leg, I'm so glad somebody is archiving wonderful pictures of Lancaster as George does instead of taking picture of a packet of tofu or a plate of chips, what's this (Lancaster) pool coming to?

      Thank you George for such a fine photograph.

      (Yes David we know his name is Derek really ;-) to his friends of course)

      Anyway Derek ;-) (George) my Cat is currently having a problem with her thyroid gland and is suffering from heart failure, she will probably have to put down in the next day or two, so count your blessings and give your cat a big Kiss from me.

    6. George D Thompson 97 months ago | reply

      Kiss duly given.
      Sorry about the cat.
      Being extremely old (I was born in 1835 or thereabouts) I have had many cats go to Pussy Cat Heaven ~ including Pussy Cat Girl (that's all the name she ever had}.
      Pussy Cat Girl

    7. flickrzak 97 months ago | reply

      She is beautiful, the name is perfect, just the same as 'Misses Puss'

      Be good George, you're only 177 years old ? Strange I thought of you as much older.......

    8. George D Thompson 97 months ago | reply

      One hundred and seventy-one, young man.
      Seventy two in October.
      Don't you go putting years on to a fellers age.

    9. flickrzak 97 months ago | reply

      Bloody Hell, I counted on my fingers about 7 times before I posted that comment. I could have just pressed computer keys 'start' 'run' and typed calc to work your age out but I wanted to do it the 'Old way'


      The Cat thing didn't go so well Derek. Be good.

    10. George D Thompson 97 months ago | reply

      Sorry about the cat.

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