Charles Zoller with bicycle

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Accession Number: 1982:2047:0058

Maker: Charles C. Zoller (American 1854-1934)

Title: Charles Zoller with bicycle

Date: ca. 1920

Medium: color plate, screen (Autochrome) process

Dimensions: 3 1/4 x 4 in.

George Eastman House Collection

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  1. Canardo 81 months ago | reply

    Just what were they thinking with those things?

    Is it like the peacock's tail? Maybe it was an ostentatious display of stupidity to get on one of those things, and maybe that worked...

  2. Ingrid! 79 months ago | reply

    is he barefoot? How strange.

  3. lisa-skorpion 79 months ago | reply

    Hallo, ich bin der Administrator der Gruppe Die Erinnerungen, und wir würden uns freuen, wenn Du dies zu unserer Gruppe hinzufügen würdest.

  4. muppetcakes 78 months ago | reply

    nice call on the barefoot, ingrid! this guy has me beat

  5. Canicuss 77 months ago | reply

    I think it's more likely he's wearing oxford shoes than posing barefoot. That wouldn't be very gentleman like.

  6. maria & solomon 77 months ago | reply

    my guess on the feet .. its 1920, he's in a suit an tie, shoes and socks were thick back then and he just heavily sweated trying to manuver those crazy bikes. im guessing only one ave block on an ave. day (weather) would make my feet sweat so hes with the family in a public park and he's relaxing with his wife on a picinic blanket an takes his shoes off, while the kids are playing, and this guy asks to take his pic with his new fancey camera .. he stands, barefoot, and poses .... or not

  7. ♔ Georgie R 67 months ago | reply

    If the photo was taken in 1920, as seems likely from the clothes, this bicycle would have been a museum piece by then. The chain drive bicycle, not unlike the ones we use now, was developed in the eighteen eighties.

  8. valentino * 66 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called El mundo en bicicletas, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  9. PAINT-GIRL 62 months ago | reply

    what the hell were they thinking when they built this bike eh? However, it is a beautiful piece of history.

  10. MyLiliesMyLo 25 months ago | reply

    I think it was their version of the hang glider.

  11. Bambu hijau 14 months ago | reply

    very very old collecetion..
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  12. eagle1effi 6 months ago | reply


    the name and location

    here is a a Zoller beer brewery tradition too


    höchste Erhebung der
    Zoller means "hill"

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