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    Trabant fixer-upper

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    1. George*50 ages ago | reply

      Thanks for the smileys and hearts everybody!

    2. Tims Photo's ages ago | reply

      Reminds me of the Austin America my sister had a long time ago. Hers was in better shape than this one but I think it was the same color.

    3. MagpieNo6 ages ago | reply


      **greets from Batrams versatile photofriends**

    4. janusz l ages ago | reply

      Not sure if you know, one of the Trabant models was called “Limousine” – taking about shameless self promoters, we just called it Honecker’s revenge :-)
      Seen in Batram`s versatile friends (post3 diff. genres: read the rules!) (?)

    5. George*50 ages ago | reply

      I didn't know that, and I had to Google Honecker to figure out the reference. But if any of those limos are missing a tire, this one has a spare!

    6. Betuel H. ages ago | reply

      oo great:)

    7. DaveWilliams ages ago | reply

      Excellent shot, lovely little old car, don't think I would actually want one though!

    8. Isco72 ages ago | reply


    9. carlesbret ages ago | reply

      A classic from RDA, and an original buddy_icon too!

    10. Macgidtosh ages ago | reply

      why do all the people like this wee car...??? ;-)))

    11. George*50 ages ago | reply

      Because when you see it coming down the street you can't help but smile, and when you see it goin up a hill you can't help but cheer it on, wondering all the time if it will ever make it to the top. It usually does.

    12. Mirra fotograf og kunst ages ago | reply

      This picture make me smile because it shows me how long it is since the Trabant was running on the streets.

      Photo's to Smile About
      I saw this in Photos to Smile About

    13. renschmensch ages ago | reply

      Looks like my first car. Memories........:-)

    14. RenatoD ages ago | reply

      Sad photo. My was yellow.

      Seen in your 300+ Views set. (?)

    15. cnmark ages ago | reply

      Long time no see one of these

    16. d.i. ages ago | reply

      great shot, love it!

    17. palestrina55 ages ago | reply

      Once ago the pride of its owner.
      This world-class image was found in
      Global Village 2 (post 1 - give a globe to 5)

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