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The Poetry of Chaos

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I shamelessly stole this way of acknowledging a testimonial writer from the equally talented and generous Julian whose works of art can be seen here:



This shot was taken in The Waterrun on the Coastal Walk in Royal NP just south of Sydney Australia. It was a wild and stormy evening and the sun just started to emerge from the clouds behind me as it was setting. Because the light was so low I managed to play around with a lot of shutter speeds - ended up with a number of shots that I'm happy with which I'll gradually post over the next few months so you don't get bored with the series. It fascinates me how much the mood of water shots taken at exactly the same time can vary with the shutter speed. I particularly liked the chaos of the wave spray angles in this one whereas in some of the 6 second exposures the waves turn ghost like and the mood is much more tranquil.

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Taken on January 27, 2008