Boss des Bosses 2007 - Chamonix
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Since the 89/90 season ... This race started out as a pub argument over which resort had the best seasonaire skiers. It was settled in a race between resorts, with teams including skiers, boarders, monoboards, telemarkers, men and women.

First known as the Boss des Bosses, it later expanded into a multi-day music fest with other races called the 'Cham Jam' which for years went on as the best party in town, then downsized a few years ago (when the Cham Jam music fest was shut down one too many times by the local gendarmes) into the original race that started it all . . . more history on the below site:

Racers head down the course in several heats pitting resort against resort. They go in pairs, team vs. team and the winner scores a point for their team. At the end, the team with the most points wins.

2007 saw the strong Zermatt team win over Chamonix despite Chamonix getting some help from Glen and Kimberly Plake . . .

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