20170216-18 Six Storms-worth of Snow at the Ballot Box
Got dustings that hung around for a day or two until the 7th of February, when we got about 6 inches that prompted a visit from my plow man. From then it snowed 6-8 inches every few days so that by the time we showed up on the evening of the 16th of February there was close to 2 feet of snow on open ground. My plow guy kept up with it all (six visits over eight days), but I didn’t contract with him to shovel a path to the door, so that was my job upon arrival… in the dark.
The snow density was significant. It didn’t fall light and fluffy, there was some moisture in it. Then the temperature must’ve fallen because the snow ended up being a bit stiff. The best technique for shoveling was to cut the snow into shovel-sized blocks first, then shovel the cut blocks off to the side. The snow was deeper than a shovel-thrust, so I cut two levels of courses each time. It took a while, but the blocks were stable so the shoveling only required lifting, not lifting and balancing.
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