Nikon D800 Test Shots and Examples
This set is an assortment of test shots from the Nikon D800 DSLR. The set is not going to host a ton of "from the Camera" Raw low light hi ISO shots. Most of these test shots will have some processing.

Prior to the the D800, I mainly used a Nikon D700, D300, yadda, yadda... My basic workflow is as follows using CaptureNX2, Photoshop, and Photo Mechanic. I shoot only Raw NEF, 14bit. Lossless Comp.
Update: I just want to say Thank you to all the photogs whom have emailed me, commented in the threads, or have sent me a thank you… I’m please if I have helped in any way.

One thing I’ve noticed is, of all the questions and comments, there seems to be a lot of newer shooters getting caught-up in having everything perfect. All I will say is, every button, knob, and setting is a ”Compromise” in photography. Whether that is ISO/ Shutter speed or Lens IQ/Budget... everything is a compromise. The best advice I can give is to focus on

(1) Good shooting practices (avoid motion blur)

(2) Exposure (Histogram & DR),

(3) Subject focus.

..If you shoot JPEG, add color balance.

For me, color and Sensor noise are easily dealt with using post software. If you look for perfection, or to maximum everything with every shot, you will simply miss shots. One question I get often is “What are my base settings” ? I’m a “from the bag shooter” 90 % of the time, so I have my defaults set to the below. But of course, you may like other Compromises?

RAW/NEF – 14bit Lossless
Metering - Matrix
Aperture Priority f5.6-f8
Auto Iso to 6400
AF-S-Single point
WB: Auto
High Iso NR- High
Color Space sRGB
Long Exp NR –On
Active D-Lighting – Auto (only if you use Capture NX2 in post)
Pict.Control – Standard, (6 Sharp, +1 Contrast)
Review Screen – RGB Histogram

This is my overall "basic" workflow and doesn't include individual control points or adjustment steps per image.

My Workflow:
Ingest with Photo Mechanic.
Sort, Label, Classify.
Assign Keywords, Copyright, Etc.

Open & Edit in Capture NX2.
Edits- (90% - 100% of edits in CNX2)

Save File and import into Photoshop as TIFF.
Edits- if needed. PS has better correction brushes if something needs to be removed.
Clean with Topaz De-Noise. (only if needed)

Save TIFF and reopen in Capture NX2.
Reduce Size ( 2600x1400 300dpi)
Final Sharpening.
Save as JPEG.- Post to Web.
My computer is:

Windows 7 -64bit

Intel Core i7 2600K - 3.40 GHz with16 gigs of Fast RAM (1600)

[Drive C] - Boot (both Windows & Editing Program) - 120Gb, OCZ Vertex 3 SSD.

[Drive D] - Original NEFs on 60Gb OCZ Vertex 3 SSD.

[Drive E] - Processed NEFs & TIFFs saved to 4TB, 7200RPM, RAID 0, (Also location of CNX Cache & Temp)

Comment: I have noticed that this is still a good workflow with the D800, but the massive size of the file really taxes the computer. I will be looking at some variations in my shooting and editing to allow me the maximum benefit of the D800 monstrous resolution, while still keeping the file size (processing speed) at a manageable level.

I will update as test progress. If you find this useful... Super!
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