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Nikon D800 Tests - D800 @ 1000mm: using Sigma 150-500mm w/ Tamron 2.0x Teleconverter.

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Best viewed fullscreen: This test was was done with a Nikon D800 @1000mm, using a Sigma 150-500mm w/ Tamron 2.0x Teleconverter. This is not suitable for fast sports or fast moving wildlife, as the AF is basically useless and all focusing must be manual. Although acceptable focus is achievable since wide open is about f13 when used with 2.0x TC. Obviously it required a heavy tripod. At 1/125sec I was able to stop leaf movement in a light breeze and avoid any lens movement at 36mp. See relative subject distance to camera, (not IQ) in the prior image. www.flickr.com/photos/gene_inman/7656943774/
Camera: NIKON D800 - Lens: AF VR Zoom 150-500mm f/5-6.3G IF-ED - Focal Length: 1000mm - Aperture: f13 (Note D800 did not display approx. 2 stop reduction. Exif showed f6.3)
ISO: 2500 - Shutter: 1/125 sec.

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Originals Available at: www.geneinman.com/nikon_d800

  1. Nikon-gearhead 57 months ago | reply

    I also have a Sigma 150-500mm OS along with a D800 but have not used it much since I agree the AF is useless with the D800 but was fine with D300 (probably will sell the Sigma soon). I totally prefer my Nikon 300mm F4 Afs even though it doesn't have VR. I too also have a Tamron 2X and a sigma 1.4x converter but have not tried this setup like you have.
    One thing to point out though, is that reducing the image size actually makes the image appear sharper and eliminates noise. How is the image at 100% crop? Is it clear or some what fuzzy?

  2. GeneInman.com 57 months ago | reply

    From what I have read, the new Sigma 150-500mm is much better at AF on D800, with both viewfinder & Liveview. I cannot say. My lens is about 4 years old, and cannot focus in Liveview at any mm or f-stop. It does okay with AF, without a TC, but I don't shoot birds or other small fast objects with it. It is pretty rugged though, I hauled it all over the globe,(seldom using it) but it has had it's share of road bumps and still seems solid. Something I initially worried about. This one was a used, gray market lens, I bought in Malaysia for about $800.

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