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Making Palt

My grandmother, making Palt and talking about a Norwegian "Quick Palt" product with my father.


Photo of finished product


Translation of conversation:

Dad: "So have you tried those kommel, kommelrompa [nonsense words] or whatever it was called?"

Grandma: "Raspeballer?" [Laughs] No, I haven't done that."

Dad " Raspeballer. Oh, you haven't tried it?" [You can hear grandpa chuckling in the background.]

Me: "What's that then?"

Grandma: "It's Palt that you buy..."

Dad: "Norwegian Palt"

Grandma: "Norwegian. You buy a bag. And you can then use it to make Palt."

Me: "Oh, I see"

Grandma: "Just add water into it!"

Me: "Oh."

Grandma: "They sure have everything these days..."


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Uploaded on July 10, 2008