Tour d'Espresso
April 19, 2009

1. Blue Bottle Cafe at Mint Plaza
2. Epicenter Cafe
3. Ritual Coffee Roasters at Flora Grubb Gardens in the Bayview
4. Coffee Bar
5. Ritual Coffee Roasters on Valencia
6. Blue Bottle Kiosk in Hayes Valley

Some photos by Dan Nguyen-Tan, Greg Rodgers, and David Gartner. See also photos and read nice running commentary by Jym.

Original description:

On the eve of April 20, take a tour of six of the City's finest espresso joints according to Bring your own mug if you prefer to pace yourself and share an order of drip coffee with new friends. The pace will be leisurely, but we understand if you're a little jacked up after six shots. Heavy rain cancels. Preview the course, and contact Frank if you have any questions.
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