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Britannia Beach Sunset

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This is Britannia Beach back in September. We'd been having a series of very red sunsets so I tried to capture that back in September.


Sorry for the slow down in postings. I hope to get back to finish the Queen Mary tour soon. Unfortunately life continues to be eventful. We're in the midst of lay-offs at work. Friday night my mother was getting in the car and suddenly had a pain in her arm followed by severe chills. We thought she was having a heart attack and rushed her to the hospital. Fortunately it looks like it was a case of flu, possibly H1N1. We'll know for sure tomorrow as it takes 48 hours to run the H1N1 tests. She's just been moved out of Emergency today into a regular bed. Went to see her and she's looking well and sounds strong, which is great news as after smoking all her life she suffers from emphysema so flus tend to run the risk of pneumonia. Unfortunately while I was waiting to see her I started having dizzy spells, so for the first time in 20 years I actually went into the Emergency to see a doctor. They even had a record of my last visit which was after a car accident - in 1989, LOL! Literally 20 years back. And no, I wasn't driving! :-)


Anyway the Doctor says the dizziness was 'indeterminate" which means I have to wait and see if I have H1N1, another flu, or if it's just stress related or something else... like alien microbes, I suppose. So I should have some time to post and comment in the next few days as I'm supposed take it easy, though I still plan on going back to the hospital tomorrow. Right now I'm still slightly light-headed but otherwise fine.


Hope everyone is else is well! Watch your health. Some of these symptoms that H1N1 comes with aren't normal ones. Dizziness without nausea, pains in the arm or chest, chills and hot flashes, etc. can all be symptoms so play it safe and if you come down with it see a doctor and get yourself put on Tamiflu to fight it. If you've got it and your temperature drops and spikes up again go to the doctor as it could mean complications. Beside my Mom I know several others who are fighting this flu. It's quite nasty, so treat it with respect and take care of yourselves!

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Taken on November 14, 2009