XZ Tauri

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    XZ Tauri is the spiky star nearest to center.


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    1. genecq2 21 months ago | reply

      Fabulous picture. I would love to have a large print or a painting of this. The imagination runs loose. It's the other side of the bright starry sky, color rich nebula images. Quiet, subtle, almost sinister but full of depth and scale. Nice work Judy.

    2. geckzilla 20 months ago | reply

      You are welcome to order prints, if you wish. I enabled print ordering for any Flickr member. The uploaded file is the highest resolution available. Note I don't make any money or wish to make any money off it so whatever prices Snapfish give you are their own. (In fact I think it's against Flickr's ToS for me to profit)

      Edit: I'm not sure how well it will come out though since it's an incredibly black image. It might need special attention and I'm not sure a fairly automated printer would do it properly. It can be a challenge even for experienced printers, I think.

    3. genecq2 20 months ago | reply

      I'll give it a try. You did well with third. It's my favorite tho.

    4. msblucow 20 months ago | reply

      I'm curious, what's the processing for creating these images from the raw files?

    5. geckzilla 20 months ago | reply

      This is a pretty good page for understanding it: hubblesite.org/gallery/hubble-image-processors/

      First one must learn to use the Hubble Legacy Archive to search for images to process. Then, it's just a matter of converting them to TIFF files and then placing those TIFF files into appropriate color channels. After that it's down to more standard curve and color adjustments. Sometimes a lot of cosmic rays have to be cleaned up and that can be time-consuming. I put on music and zone out on them.

    6. ailette0291 20 months ago | reply

      Wow - amazing job ! this picture of yours explains the "cosmic soup" more than so many others !

    7. mosika_vrn 20 months ago | reply

      Wonderful Photo!
      But i interested, when Hubble take this image?

    8. geckzilla 20 months ago | reply

      2004-01-20 23:26:04 is listed as the start time.

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