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GRB 060614 Widefield | by geckzilla
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GRB 060614 Widefield

Done by special request. GRB 060614 is positioned above and just a bit to the left of center. If you notice the edge-on disk near the upper center of the image, it's in the round, fuzzy galaxy at about 11 o'clock from that edge-on galaxy.


Data from the following proposals were used to create this image:

A public SNAPSHOT survey of gamma-ray burst host galaxies

Solving the Mystery of the Short-Hard Gamma-Ray Bursts

Afterglows and Environments of Short-Hard Gamma-Ray Bursts

Gamma-Ray Bursts from Start to Finish: A Legacy Approach


Note the image is only 3-color in a rectangle covering most of the upper half of the image around the GRB location. The rest is a 2-color, pseudogreen image. In some places it is one color/grayscale.


I removed most of the diffraction spikes because they were very distracting, and none of them really lined up.


Red: WFC3/IR F160W

Green: ACS/WFC F814W

Blue: ACS/WFC F606W


North is up.

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Uploaded on June 12, 2020