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Mars, June 2003 | by geckzilla
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Mars, June 2003

I was sitting here browsing the archive when I saw some Mars imagery. I thought to myself, you know what? I've never done a picture of Mars. Why not? We've got so many robots on its surface and orbiters taking super high resolution close-up imagery, guess I figured it was pointless. Well, here's a picture of Mars. Phobos is also hanging out at the lower right as a faint little dot. This is the south polar ice cap.


Atmosphere appears a little bluer because a near-ultraviolet filter was used in the blue channel. I thought it showed the high altitude clouds a bit better. Oh, and the occulting finger was covering part of the planet. Did my best to clean that up and fill in the blank with a bit of cloned data.


This view represents Mars as it appeared at 2003-06-28 14:32:13 UTC


Some processing notes: I used the F475W data to kind of repair the F344N data because it was overexposed along the polar ice caps.


Red: ACS/HRC F658N

Green: ACS/HRC F502N

Blue: ACS/HRC F344N+F475W


North is 20.66° counter-clockwise from up.

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