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Arp 158 | by geckzilla
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Arp 158

I think there are at least two galaxies here in the midst of a very confusing merger. I mean, all mergers and many galaxies are confusing to some extent, but this one really confuses me. I've marked what I think are two galactic nuclei. On the other hand, it looks a bit like a snake turning its head and opening its mouth, which is cool.


There is a faint line going diagonally across the left half of the image. This is possibly some space junk or some other small object that is close to Earth. I normally remove these, but this one is less obtrusive, making it a good example without detracting too much from the image. Sometimes these are much brighter, and are a big hassle to deal with.


A widefield version is available from the Legacy Survey viewer:


Establishing HST's Low Redshift Archive of Interacting Systems


All Channels: ACS/WFC F606W


North is 23.44° clockwise from up.

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Uploaded on November 28, 2019