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SNR J0505.7-6752 | by geckzilla
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SNR J0505.7-6752

Another supernova remnant from the Large Magellanic Cloud, seen by Hubble and Chandra in visible, near-infrared, and x-ray light. This time I've overlapped two color images together, because I heard you like color so I put color in your color so you can look at color while you look at color.


Hubble data from the following proposal was used to create the image:

A Search for Surviving Companions of Type Ia Supernovae in the Large Magellanic Cloud


Chandra data:

Red: .30-.70 keV

Green: .70-.80 keV

Blue: .80-4.20 keV

(Obs IDs 3876 & 4440)


Hubble data:

Red Screen & 30% Luminosity: WFC3/UVIS F656N

Red: WFC3/UVIS F814W

Green: WFC3/UVIS F555W

Blue: WFC3/UVIS F475W


North is 48.38° clockwise from up.

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Uploaded on September 3, 2019