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SNR J0534.2-7033 HST | by geckzilla
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SNR J0534.2-7033 HST

A supernova remnant in the Large Magellanic Cloud from Hubble, seen in visible and near-infrared wideband and narrowband H-alpha filters. The remnant is old and faint. Stars in the LMC form a screen of confusion to cover up the remnant edges, but narrowband imagery can be quite helpful to reveal it.


Hubble+Chandra version:

Chandra only version:


Red Screen & 50% Luminosity: WFC3/UVIS F565N

Red: WFC3/UVIS F814W

Green: WFC3/UVIS F555W

Blue: WFC3/UVIS F475W


North is NOT up. It is 8.55° counter-clockwise from up.

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Uploaded on August 29, 2019